Riverfest Idaho

Riverfest Frequently Asked Questions

Will Riverfest be handicap accessible?2022-05-10T16:57:04-06:00

Yes. There will be more information coming soon.

Who do I contact about advertising during Riverfest?2022-05-10T16:55:55-06:00

Sold Out.

How can I become a vendor?2024-06-13T08:29:05-06:00

Please contact Bill Fuerst at bill@riverbendmediagroup.com

What roads will be closed?2022-06-24T16:01:30-06:00

Road closures and how to get in and out on the 4th of July can be found HERE.

Where Can I Park?2022-06-08T08:11:28-06:00

Parking will be available on site at Snake River Landing. The parking maps can HERE.

Can I bring a cooler?2022-05-10T16:57:38-06:00


When will vendors stop selling food?2022-05-11T07:57:06-06:00

Food sales end at 9:45pm.

Will there be a place to purchase alcohol?2022-05-11T07:57:19-06:00

No alcohol will be sold or permitted at Riverfest.

Can I use my debit or credit card at Riverfest?2024-06-13T08:31:05-06:00

Yes. Most vendors at Riverfest will accept debit and credit cards. There will also be an ATM on location.

How do I purchase tickets for a helicopter ride?2022-05-11T07:59:51-06:00

Tickets will be available for purchase at eastidahonews.com.

Can I bring my pet as long as it’s on a leash?2022-05-11T08:00:27-06:00

For the safety of all people and pets, we highly recommend not bringing pets to Riverfest and/or the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration.

Can I put up a tent for shade during the day of the event?2022-05-11T08:00:47-06:00

Yes, but all tents or shades must be taken down by 9:30pm. No stakes can be placed into the ground.

Can I put down a blanket or stake out a spot to sit before the event?2022-05-11T08:01:34-06:00

The Riverfest event starts at 11am Monday, July 4. Nothing can be used as a placeholder prior to July 4. Anything left unattended may be removed at the owner’s risk. Nothing can be staked into the ground anywhere at Snake River Landing.

Can I camp overnight?2022-06-24T16:03:56-06:00

There are camp sites available for campers through Snake River Landing. For more information visit the Snake River Landing website by clicking HERE. 

Will we be allowed to float or swim in the river?2022-05-11T08:06:42-06:00


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